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About My Family

“When we were young, my cousins, Carol, Tami, and I would spend a couple weeks during summer staying with our grandparents, Merryl and Mary McCoy, in the farmhouse on Locust Hill near the Fox River. On summer evenings after dinner, we would play outdoors while Grandpa McCoy played the banjo on the front porch. Grandma McCoy taught us the notes on the piano, how to embroider, how to tat lace, and how to make throw rugs on the loom. Our grandparents also helped us find geodes along the river. At Christmas time, when we all got together at the farm, we would get to ice skate on the Fox River and go sledding down Locust Hill. Now that I’m retired, I’ve had time to reminisce and remember Grandma’s stories, and time to compile her stories into a memoir.”


The Light in Small Places

Step into the lost world of northeast Missouri, circa 1902...

The everyday life the great granddaughter of the founder of Hannibal, MO records is experienced as an adventure beckoning to be lived. As Mary Estella Eagon McCoy writes, her pen captures the personalities and talents of people in her life from a time now vanished. The land she describes is one of great untamed rivers where the spirit and knowledge of Native Americans, voyagers, and early settlers is not too far distant.

Wheat Field
Notebook and Pen

“There ain't anything that is so interesting

to look at as a place that a book has talked about.”
― Mark Twain